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Why Beef Chief is Australia’s Best Jerky

Best Beef Jerky in Australia

The Chief has mastered how to make beef jerky and how to make biltong with the most mouthwatering beef jerky recipes and biltong recipes after serving in the Australian Army and chucking bulk beef jerky into his gob during exercises!

All of the Beef Chiefs beef jerky and biltong recipes were carefully crafted and then trialled with mates, family and jerky-holics to ensure it remains one of the best quality beef jerky and biltong brands on the market!

Proudly Australian-made and veteran-owned, The Chief only ever uses 100% grass-fed Australian beef with top-notch fresh ingredients to make his unbeatable beef jerky packed full of flavour and the perfect amount of chew!

The Original Beef Chief is where you can find award-winning beef jerky flavours, buy Biltong online, that are guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest Jerky Enthusiasts. You can bulk-buy beef jerky Australia right here.

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