Stickers - Original Beef Chief
Stickers - Original Beef Chief
Stickers - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief


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Get a Beef Chief sticker up ya.

Put it somewhere good 


Small - 100mm x 140mm

Large - 520mm x 860mm

The sticky side is on the back of the sticker. There is masking tape on the front. Peel the back of the sticker off, place it, rub the sticker firmly so it adheres properly, the peel the masking tape off gently. 

These large stickers are great for the bonnet of your R8 clubby or FPV Super Pursuit. Slap one on your mates car without asking - he'll appreciate that.

Throw the small ones on the back window, on the toolbox, the side of your PC, doesn't matter these look sick everywhere.






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