LOADED GUNPOWDER beef jerky - Original Beef Chief jerky
Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky
Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky

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Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky

Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky is what you get when you let a soldier loose in the smokehouse.

Salty and Peppery, covered with activated charcoal that’s been COLD smoked over AUSTRALIAN REDGUM. This beef jerky goes off like a BANG! 


There's only 4 PREMIUM ingredients that go into our Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky.

Australian Grass Fed Beef. Himalayan Rock Salt. Cambodian Kampot Black Pepper. Activated and Smoked Redgum Charcoal.

Salt and pepper are an old favourite for making beef jerky. A simple recipe as old as making beef jerky itself - but we’ve taken salt and pepper and given it a whole new meaning and a mean, punchy streak.

We start by using lots, and I mean LOTS, of Himalayan rock salt. If you're looking for a SALTY beef jerky, this is it.

Cambodian Kampot black pepper has a unique flavour and smell which distinguishes it from other types of peppercorns. The hot taste also has a hint of eucalyptus and mint. This pepper has an incredible depth of flavour and aroma and we don't hold back using it. There's a real pepper BITE.

Black and gritty from our unique smoked charcoal seasoning. We take chunks of the iconic Australian River Redgum and cook them down into charcoal, then pressure cooked to activate the charcoal. This is important for the next step: smoking the charcoal.

We cold smoke our charcoal with cherry and redgum chips to infuse it with it's incredible signature smokey flavour.

Our Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky is part of our Gluten Free Beef Jerky range so no one has to be deprived of delicious meaty snacking!


It's salty. It's peppery. It's smokey. It's chewy. It’s a completely unique flavour experience!

You can feel the meat fibres fall apart as you rip into it. It feels primal. Like this is the way meat was meant to be eaten. Stop sitting there salivating. Get a bag of Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky and find out what it's all about NOW!


"Trust me when I say I've never had anything like it...this stuff is NEXT LEVEL" - Graham Cahill, 4WD24/7

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Ingredients: Beef, Himalayan rock salt, Kampot black pepper, Redgum charcoal.

Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky



"It's incredible... If I were to give a flavor rating, it would be off the chart. It's that good" - Johnny Scoville

The Chief is on a mission to rid the world of heavily processed, sugar filled, cheap and mass produced "candy jerky".

You know the kind of soft and soggy jerky servo jerky we’re talking about - 2 bites and it's gone. But don’t worry, you won’t look back after ya try Beef Chief Jerky!

The Chief's jerky is made from GRASS-FED Australian cattle. His marinades are all HAND CRAFTED and unique.

Our PREMIUM topside beef sits bathing in that mouth-watering goodness until it can’t absorb any more flavour.

We slow dry our jerky until it's tough and chewy - You can feel the meat fibres as you rip it apart. Work your teeth and saliva into each piece and you'll see that the more you chew, the better it gets.

There are no shortcuts here. That's why this will be the best beef jerky you have ever tasted.


Beef Chief Jerky. Better with every chew.