Real Jerky vs Candy Jerky

Real Beef Jerky vs Candy Jerky


Sick of crap jerky?

Here's the secret: Beef jerky has been a highly processed, sugar and additive filled product in Australia for YEARS.


Big multinational companies think Aussie's don't know any better.

Beef Chief was started for exactly this reason. No longer will Aussie's have to endure the disappointment of a cheap chew.


Made using the trimmings and offcuts from the butchers, this cheap beef and fat is minced with all sorts of fillers and flavorings until it forms a pinkish mush. This is then forced through an extruder and shaped into bite sized rectangles. Eat more than 50g of this stuff and your guts will be turning. There is no muscle fibers, the meat is see through and you can absolutely tell it's not worth eating.



We take top quality grass fed Australian beef. We slice it. Spice it. Dry it. That's it.

Unlike other suppliers we choose to use the best marinades -  made in Australia. Why use a top quality cut of beef if you cover it with a cheap flavoring?

We dry our beef slowly and perfectly for a great chew. Beef Chief jerky needs a good chew, but the longer you work at it the STRONGER the flavor becomes until it's so intense you can't help but smash the whole bag. Have a squiz at our reviews to see what our customers think.





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