The Beef Chief is all about small batch, REAL Beef Jerky made for the Australian belly with a mission to keep and deliver his thick cut, tough dried, FLAVOUR packed Beef Jerky for all people to enjoy anywhere, anytime!




Beef Chief Jerky was forged in the Australian Army.

But how did Beef Chief Jerky come about? Being raised on a cattle farm, The Chief knew all about the quality of the cattle raised in Australia. As he grew so did his knowledge and love for quality top shelf beef.🐄

It was when The Beef Chief was in the thick of a 4 day scorching hot Army deployment out bush as part of an 8 man section he was tasked to set outpost on top of a hill.😅

Trekking uphill with 40kg worth of weaponry, ammo, body armor and a full back pack quickly changed Queensland “sunny state” nickname into something much more personal.🌞

Camp was finally set up by late afternoon, boots off and 40kg lighter with a cool breeze sweeping through the air the men began to settle in, even the sun began to rest.🥱

With forearm to forehead the Beef Chief wipes the last bit of sweat off his brow and begins to reach for his reward. Instead of his typical RAT pack he pulled out some store bought beef jerky ready to distribute amongst the team. 🍴

What should have felt like victory was quickly overrun by pure and utter disappointment as he pulls out soggy, flavourless baby food mush posing as Beef Jerky.🤮

If there was ever a moment in your life that smacked you right up the side of your head, this was it. That single experience sent The Beef Chief on his journey to redeeming how that moment should have been.💡

While still in the military he would begin trialing different sauces, marinades, cooking times and techniques with the very same crew he was on top of that hill and was soon given the name of “The Beef Chief” which he wore with pride.🐮

With every bag of The Original Beef Chief Premium Beef Jerky there’s a mouthful of Australian made grit, forged in tough times.🦘

So go on, take your boots off and dig in!🤤

The Chiefs Mission ✅


Deliver thick cut, tough dried, flavour packed Beef Jerky for all people to enjoy anywhere, anytime so no one ever has to settle for crappy 'Candy' jerky!

Aussie made & owned 🦘


The Chief is an Aussie Army Veteran who makes beef jerky in Australia, from 100% Aussie grass fed cattle and marinade ingredients. You'll know its quality from the first chew.

Our Promise 🤝🏽


Outstanding customer service and award winning beefy treats means once you give Beef Chief Jerky, Biltong or Droewors a go, there will be no looking back. You'll wonder how you've made it through life this far without it!

Samples 😍


If ya not already convinced we offer MIXED SAMPLE packs of the Beef Jerky, Biltong and our Droewors! You'll find it by searching SAMPLES in the search bar.

Go on... what are ya waiting for!