What Do You Recommend for Someone First Getting into Jerky?

3rd July 2024 *BLOG HEADING ENTERED HERE What Do You Recommend for Someone First Getting into Jerky? Published by THE ORIGINAL BEEF CHIEF The Beef Chief range is getting HUGE. With 14 flavours of beef jerky, 8 flavours of biltong, and 6 flavours of droewors, it’s no wonder one of the most common questions we get is, "Where do I start?" Here's a guide to help you navigate through our delicious offerings. Questions to Ask Yourself •    Chew Preference: Do you like a tougher chew, or something more tender? •    Spice Level: Do you like a bit of spice? How hot or not? •    Flavour Profile: Do you prefer sweeter jerky or something more savory? •  ...

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The Best Chillies to Use for Beef Jerky

The Best Chilies to Use for Beef Jerky: A Flavour Guide Author: Robert Hall When it comes to making mouth-watering beef jerky, the right chilli can make or break a flavour. Whether you want a mild kick or an inferno of flavour, selecting the perfect chilli is key. Here at Original Beef Chief, we think we've perfected the art of blending spices to create jerky that’s not just a snack but an experience. So, let's dive into the best chilies to use for your chilli beef jerky and how they can have you chewing, sweating and smiling all at once. Benefits of Using Chilli in Beef Jerky Using chilli in beef jerky isn't just about adding heat—there are several benefits...

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Is beef jerky cooked? Or is it just dried?

Is it Cooked or Just Dried?Understanding Beef Jerky Preparation Methods Posted at 1700 • 24 June • Robert Hall • Beef Jerky Preparation In my opinion, beef jerky is one of the oldest foods known to humans. If we consider jerky to be dried meat, then you'll understand why I think this. Being able to store or preserve meat for later meals means you aren't catching an animal every time you need to eat.   Humans worked out you can dry meat to make it safe to eat later and prevent spoilage. Beef Jerky has come a loooong way since then.   There's a million different things you could snack on, but a premium beef snack like Beef Chief Jerky...

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The Best Low FODMAP Beef Jerky

December 8, 2022 The BEST Low FODMAP Beef Jerky The Best Low FODMAP Beef Jerky I put a top quality texture and flavour first when it comes to making my beef jerky. I've never set out to make anything but a delicious satisfying experience with every pack of jerky. I don’t have any dietary restrictions myself so it wasn’t something on my mind when starting Original Beef Chief Jerky. It wasn’t until recently I even knew what a FODMAP diet was FODMAPs are a group of sugars that are not completely digested or absorbed in our intestines. When FODMAPs reach the small intestine, they move slowly, attracting water. When they pass into the large intestine, FODMAPs are fermented by gut...

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