The Best Low FODMAP Beef Jerky

December 8, 2022 The BEST Low FODMAP Beef Jerky The Best Low FODMAP Beef Jerky I put a top quality texture and flavour first when it comes to making my beef jerky. I've never set out to make anything but a delicious satisfying experience with every pack of jerky. I don’t have any dietary restrictions myself so it wasn’t something on my mind when starting Original Beef Chief Jerky. It wasn’t until recently I even knew what a FODMAP diet was FODMAPs are a group of sugars that are not completely digested or absorbed in our intestines. When FODMAPs reach the small intestine, they move slowly, attracting water. When they pass into the large intestine, FODMAPs are fermented by gut...

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Beef Jerky Woolworths

Beef Jerky Woolworths I love beef jerky. Been eating it for 15 years. Like most people I was introduced to the standard pub jerky and the stuff in vending machines. That used to be Nobbys jerky. Then I moved on to Jack Links. That lasted a while, but I sort of knew it wasn't what I was looking for. The texture wasn't right and there wasn't much choice for flavour or larger packs. When I joined the Army beef jerky became an essential. I would try every brand I could get my hands on.   So when Woolworths in Australia came out with their own brand of beef jerky, I was excited to try it out.   In this comprehensive...

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BEEF JERKY- THE PERFECT KRIS KRINGLE GIFT Kris Kringle gifts can be tricky and Christmas prep is busy enough but Beef Chiefs here to make sure you are sorted with a wide range of gift ideas that’s guaranteed to make you the ultimate Kris Kringle Gift giver this year! Read on to see how Beef Jerky can be your gift giving savior this Chrissy.... BEEF JERKY- THE PERFECT KRIS KRINGLE GIFT What is Kris Kringle? Kris Kringle (also known as K.K. or Secret Santa) is a secret gift giving tradition. It starts by putting writing every one’s name onto a slip of paper. All names go into a hat and everyone draws one out at random. The person’s name is...

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What is Biltong?

WHAT IS BILTONG? Do you LOVE beefy goodness? Are you looking for new and drool worthy snacks you can add to your regular rotation? Are you having trouble finding satisfying, easy-to-eat foods you can munch on during your breaks at work? We reckon its time you considered trying out biltong! Read on to find out the answers to "what is biltong?" and why you should try it! What is Biltong? Biltong is comparable to beef jerky in a lot of ways. You could say they're beefy brothers. Biltong and Jerky are both dried meat snacks that have been around for a long time. But, when considering biltong vs beef jerky, there are particular differences. Beef biltong is the most common...

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Beef Jerky & Beer Pairing Guide

Beef Jerky & Beer Pairing Guide Picture this... It's Friday arvo and its been a LONG week, you've worked overtime, the kids wont stop hangin' off ya like monkeys but all is fine in the world because you can FINALLY sit back on the couch with a BEER in one hand and some quality BEEF JERKY in the other and have a bloody good time! 🍺 "What types of beers go with what types of jerky?" The Beef Chief has done you solid and completed all the ground work for ya! We organised a group of both Beer and Beef Jerky enthusiasts, from all walks of life, to sit down at The Local Brew House in South East Melbourne and...

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