Buy Wholesale Australian Beef Jerky, Biltong & Droewors

Buy Wholesale Australian Beef Jerky, Biltong & Droewors

Interested in stocking a beef jerky that keeps customers heading back for more? Beef Chief wholesalers experience a high stock turnover at good margins. We sell small packets that are perfect for hang sell at a pub or chain franchise, and larger bags for customers looking to buy bulk beef jerky and biltong.

Beef Chief Jerky sells a gormet beef jerky, made specifically for Australians. Dry and chewy with a full on flavour. Our beef jerky is packed ready to eat in 10 different flavours.

We have over 2600 5 star reviews online for our products. Our customers keep coming back for more. We have national brand recognition, so your customers will recognise Beef Chief Jerky in your venue and won't hesitate to buy a pack.

Email Robert at for a wholesale information pack and any questions you might have.

Why Original Beef Chief products are the best.

Beef Chief Jerky stands out on the shelf with eye catching packaging and a strong logo. This beef jerky is an authentic product, not the soft jelly jerky customers are growing tired of. Customers instantly know the difference.

As beef jerky grows in popularity and the market expands, customers are moving away form the traditional mass produced soft beef jerky (Nobbies and Jack Links) and moving towards a more home style product.

When you bite into Beef Chief Jerky, you can feel the muscle fibres of the beef. You have to chew into it. There's work involved. There is a CHEWING EXPERIENCE. This is what customers are looking for, and what gets them hooked on a proper beef jerky.

Once they try Beef Chief Jerky, there's no going back.

Wholesale Australian Beef Jerky

The Australian Beef Jerky market is expanding rapidly. Customers are looking for high quality meat snacks, without being laden with additives. Australian consumers prefer to get their protein from natural food sources and they are looking for a decent jerky. The number one complaint I hear from my new customers is that they HATE the soft jerky in supermarkets and have been looking for a product just like ours. I can say, as long as your customers have a set of teeth, they'll love Beef Chief Jerky.

We sell our packets in 30g, 50g and 250g sizes that display really well.

Wholesale Australian Beef Biltong

Biltong is the South African version of beef jerky. Made from the same choice cut of beef we use for Beef Jerky, this is a softer and easier chewing product. The big difference is the texture or chewability. South Africans and anyone with a South African mate will instantly recognise Biltong on your shelf and will buy a bag. Believe me when I say the South Africans are VERY passionate about their Biltong! With the growing popularity of meat snacks in this country, Aussies are quickly catching on and are asking for Biltong more and more.

Wholesale Australian Beef Droewors

Droewors is another fantastic South African snack. These are similar to kabana or a twiggy stick, but much less processed. The contents are beef, fat and spices. Also known as beer sticks these are a great snack that are equally good with a beer or on a meat and cheese platter. While not that well known, they are a huge return customer product. We often get people buying a pack to try, then coming back for 1kg+. Beef Chief Droewors is a quality chew.



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