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Beef Chief Droewors


What is Droewors?

Droëwors, Drywors or Dry Wors are all names for a tasty South African dried sausage very popular around the world. Often called beer sticks they are great with a beer or on their own.
Traditionally made with any meat people could get their hands on, Droewors has transcended cultures and is enjoyed worldwide.
Like jerky and biltong, there is a broad range of Droewors available and each brand has its own style and flavourings. Beef Chief's Droewors recipe uses minced beef, beef fat, salt and spices in a lambs casing. Our Droewors are gluten free and made from grass fed MSA graded beef. They are a healthy alternative to kabana and unlike kabana, there is no gristle or the odd bit of bone to be found. They eat beautifully. The skin snaps when you bite into it and it's tender to chew on. The beef is tasty and the minced fat melts when you eat it. Simply amazing!
Droewors go great on their own (if you're on carnivore or keto diet for example) because they are very low in sugar. They go even better with a cheese platter. I offer samples to everyone who walks into my store and everyone who tries them is surprised how much they enjoy this new snack. Droewors work out cheaper than our other beef snacks too, 100g goes for $11 instead of $16.57

Are droewors healthy?

Like everything, that depends. If you use quality ingredients you get a quality healthy sausage. Basically droewors are beef mince, beef fat and spices to taste. As long as the beef is quality and you don't use lots of unhealthy flavourings, you are good to go. Low in sugar, high in protein, all natural ingredients.

How to make droewors?

Droewors are a dried sausage, so making Droewors starts off the same as making a snag. Mix your beef and spices and feed it into a sausage casing. We use natural lambs casing instead of artificial skins. Once you have your raw sausage it's time to dry them! This is the the same process as beef jerky or biltong. We hang the snag over hooks and let the dehydrator do its thing. All the moisture is removed from the droewors until it forms a nice long dry sausage. We cut these into bite sized pieces and package them for sale.

Can you eat droewors when pregnant?

Droewors, as long as the product is made safely, is safe to eat while pregnant. We dry out droewors enough so there is no pathogenic bacteria and use an organic preservative called potasium sorbate to inhibit the growth of mould or bacteria. I wouldn't recommend a backyard job though, just in case.

How many calories in droewors?

Our Droewors has the following caloric content. We start with the same base ingredients and only change some spices across flavours, so this nutritional info is pretty much spot on for our whole range.
Per 100g: Energy 1504kj, Protein 50g, Fat 18.6g, Carbs 3.1g, Sodium 870mg.  
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How long does Droewors last?

Beef Chief Droewors lasts 12 months from the date of manufacture. We only keep fresh stock on hand so you get the best product and longest shelf life possible. You'll eat it WAYYY before it passes the use-by!

How to store Droewors?

Beef Chief Droewors doesn't need any special storage instructions. It does not require refrigeration. Our only advice is to keep it out of direct sunlight and store it below 35 degrees. Chuck it in the pantry or glovebox in the ute - just be careful not to leave it on the dash during a 40 degree day.

Can you freeze droewors?

Yes you can. Unless you're storing it for long term consumption I wouldnt bother though. It's best fresh. Once frozen it will lose some of its original texture and not chew as great, but it is still safe to eat.

Can dogs eat Droewors?

You can share your Droewors with your mate but just don't go overboard. This is made for human consumption and it can be easy for our best mates to over eat - but the same goes for us too hey?

How long does Droewors take to dry?

Droewors will take 8-12hours to dry depending on the conditions. Like all dried meat, temperature, humidity, air flow and marinades all play a part in drying times.