THE CHIEF'S PACK – Original Beef Chief
THE CHIEF'S PACK - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief


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Can't decide which flavour you want? Never tried beef jerky before? Buying a gift for a friend?

I reckon it's best to try a bit of everything first and see what you like.  The Chiefs Pack is the best way to do that. We've got 8 flavors that range from mild to wild.

Simply select the size you'd like, and we'll send you all 8 flavours in that size. 

For example, if you select the 50g variant, you'll be sent one of each 8 flavours and each pack will be 50g. That's 400g beef jerky in total you will receive.

This is an awesome introduction into the Beef Chief range of flavors. We have a lot to choose from so why not try each flavor and see how the Beef Chief does it. 

Then come back and grab as much as you like of your favorite. That's what everyone else does!



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