CREEPING REAPER - Original Beef Chief
CREEPING REAPER - Original Beef Chief
CREEPING REAPER - Original Beef Chief
CREEPING REAPER - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief


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So you think your tough? You really want to test your limits? Get ready, because The Beef Chief has this loaded with freshly grown Australian Carolina Reapers. Enjoy the first few bites, because the Creeping Reaper is about to make your head spin. 

If you've been looking for a hot jerky, REALLY HOT, that tastes just as much as it burns then you've finally found it.

No more bullshit from other brands that claim to have a red hot jerky and after a whole bag you barely break a sweat.

We use Australian grown Carolina Reapers that are picked at the perfect time for maximum heat AND flavor. Anyone who’s been lucky (or unlucky) enough to bite into a fresh Carolina Reaper pod knows what the truth in what I'm about to say. The first 10 seconds after biting a crunchy pod is great. The chili tastes so fresh and sweet, and the smell immediately dominates the area. It's a great tasting chili pod. But then your face feels like its melting into a pool of lava and your life flashes quickly before you realize the amount of trouble you're in for.

Our Creeping Reaper captures some of this taste and heat and brings it alive with a fresh mix of spices that make a super tasty jerky. You get to enjoy the first piece. And maybe the second. But don’t get too cocky. It's not called the Creeping Reaper for nothing!


The Chief's jerky comes from grass fed Australian cattle. His marinades are all hand made. That PREMIUM beef sits in that flavourful goodness until it cant absorb any more flavour. So you get a jerky that tastes better with every chew.

There are no shortcuts here. That's why will be the best jerky you have ever tasted.

The Chief's products may contain allergens. If you have any dietary considerations please contact us to discuss before purchasing. 

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Australia Australia

I usually like hot stuff, but this was way to hot for me

Darren C.
Australia Australia
Best jerky ever

I loved the creeping reaper jerky,finally a product that claims it is hot and genuinely bloody hot.cant wait to try some different flavours now

Lachlan W.
Australia Australia
Still really nice but abit to hot for me

really tasty but so hot I couldn't eat all of it

Baedyn H.
Australia Australia
Creeping reaper

Very high quality beef jerky has a nice chilli flavour and quite hot after burn I highly recommend this jerky

Jackson S.
Australia Australia
Creeping Reaper

Absolutely perfect, nice heat, not to soft, best jerky ive ever tasted..



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