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Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky

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So you think you’re tough? You really want to test your limits? Get ready, because The Beef Chief has this jerky loaded with freshly grown Australian Carolina Reapers!

Feel confident and enjoy the first few bites packed full of citrusy flavour, because the Creeping Reaper Beef Chief is about to make your head spin, your nose run and the inside of your ears itch!

If you've been looking for a hot beef jerky, REALLY SPICY BEEF JERKY, that tastes like heaven just as much as it burns like hell then look no further.

Our Creeping Reaper beef jerky captures the taste and heat of the Carolina Reaper and brings it alive with a fresh mix of spices that make a super tasty jerky. You get to enjoy the first piece. And maybe the second. But don’t get too cocky. It's not called the Creeping Reaper for nothing!



Beef Chief uses Australian grown Carolina Reapers that are picked at the perfect time for maximum heat AND flavour.

Anyone who’s been lucky (or unlucky) enough to bite into a fresh Carolina Reaper pod knows the truth in what I'm about to say. The first 10 seconds after biting into a crunchy pod is great…the chilli tastes so fresh and sweet, and the smell immediately dominates the area.

It's a FANTASTIC tasting chilli. It doesn’t take too much longer before the Reaper make you it’s bitch and your face feels like its melting into a pool of lava. Your life flashes quickly before your eyes and only then do you realize the amount of trouble you're in for.



We don't claim to have a red hot jerky and after a whole bag you barely break a sweat.

Not only does our Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky pack a furious spicy punch but it is also bloody tasty, all levels of seasoned hot heads can't help but appreciate just how beautifully flavoured this hot beef jerky really is.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bag of our Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky to see if you’re up for the challenge, or better yet, keep a pack always handy to have laying around for that cocky mate you wanna set straight and see squirm!


Average Quantity per 50g Average Quantity per 100g







Fat Total



Saturated Fat



Total Carbohydrate



Carbohydrate Sugar






Ingredients: Beef, water, Carolina Reaper paste (chilli, acetic acid), vinegar, reconstituted lemon juice(preservative(223), antioxidant(300)), sweet soy sauce, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce, garlic powder, oinion powder, paprika, ginger, cumin, potassium sorbate.

Contains Soy. Contains Gluten.


Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky

The Chief is on a mission to rid the world of heavily processed, sugar filled, cheap and mass produced "candy jerky".

You know the kind of soft and soggy jerky servo jerky we’re talking about - 2 bites and it's gone. But don’t worry, you won’t look back after ya try Beef Chief Jerky!

The Chief's jerky is made from GRASS-FED Australian cattle. His marinades are all HAND CRAFTED and unique.

Our PREMIUM topside beef sits bathing in that mouth-watering goodness until it can’t absorb any more flavour.

We slow dry our jerky until it's tough and chewy - You can feel the meat fibres as you rip it apart. Work your teeth and saliva into each piece and you'll see that the more you chew, the better it gets.

There are no shortcuts here. That's why this will be the best beef jerky you have ever tasted.


Beef Chief Jerky. Better with every chew.