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Screaming Reaper beef jerky - Original Beef Chief
Screaming Reaper beef jerky - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

Screaming Reaper

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Do not eat this beef jerky.

Screaming Reaper is no joke. Trinidad Morouga Scorpions and chilli extract are POURED into our rich  barbecue sauce, but you won't be able to taste that. In fact it might be a few days before you can taste anything again.

I took some to Newcastle chilli festival about a year ago. During the day the event manager pulled me aside and told me there was someone laying on the front grass and wasn't able to move. He'd been spewing his guts up after eating a pack of Screaming Reaper. She asked if we should call an ambulance.

There are only 1-2 decent size pieces in eating Screaming Reaper pack.  This isn't a jerky you'll be snacking on. This is pure fire, just for the fuck of it. 

Don't blame me if you miss work the next day.

This is an extreme product and if you buy this, you understand the risks of extreme chilli products.


Good luck.




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