What Do You Recommend for Someone First Getting into Jerky?

What Do You Recommend for Someone First Getting into Jerky?

3rd July 2024


What Do You Recommend for Someone First Getting into Jerky?


The Beef Chief range is getting HUGE. With 14 flavours of beef jerky, 8 flavours of biltong, and 6 flavours of droewors, it’s no wonder one of the most common questions we get is, "Where do I start?" Here's a guide to help you navigate through our delicious offerings.

Questions to Ask Yourself

•    Chew Preference: Do you like a tougher chew, or something more tender?

•    Spice Level: Do you like a bit of spice? How hot or not?

•    Flavour Profile: Do you prefer sweeter jerky or something more savory?

•    Dietary Needs: Do you have any food intolerances?

•    Fat Content: Do you like a bit of fat on your steak?

•    Portion Size: How much are you eating?

Recommendations for First-Time Customers
For a first-time customer, I always recommend trying out The Chief's Pack. This beef jerky sampler pack contains our 8 best-selling flavours from the last year, ensuring you get a taste of our top choices. We offer it in 5 sizes, ranging from a $50 option up to a 4kg choice.

For the Experienced Jerky Enthusiast
If you're experienced with beef jerky and prefer to browse the whole range, our Bundle Builder is the best choice. We call it the "Choose Your Own Chief's Pack." One of the best things about it is the more packets you add, the bigger discount you get. 5 packets earn 10% off, and 10 packets score 15% off!

Choosing Based on Texture and Flavor

•    For a Tougher Chew: If you are looking for a tougher, long-lasting chew with a flavor explosion, you want our beef jerky. Our jerky is specifically made to get better with every chew. The first few chews might not seem like much, but once you work some saliva into the beef and keep chewing, it goes BOOM! This is the reward, how jerky was meant to be.

•    For a Tender Chew: If you prefer a more tender chew, you have to try our biltong. Dried and spiced in a very similar process to our beef jerky, biltong is fast gaining popularity in Australia. Originally brought to the country during the wave of South African immigration in the '70s, everyone who knows a South African expat has probably tried some homemade biltong and most likely never forgot the experience.

•    For a Unique Snack: Droewors are a dried beef sausage with a texture dryer than Kabana but chews much better. Very popular with kids' lunchboxes and parents alike. We use our premium beef minced with spices, stuffed in a lamb casing. These have a very satisfying chew when you tuck into one.

Flavour Recommendations

•    For Beef Jerky First-Timers: Try our Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky or Ragin Cajun Beef Jerky if you want a touch of spice.

•    For an Introduction to Biltong: You need to try our Traditional Biltong. If you like a bit of marbling and fat, then try Traditional Fatty Biltong.

•    For a New Favorite Snack: Try our Smokey Droewors.

Storing and Enjoying Your Jerky
Proper storage is crucial to maintain the freshness of your beef jerky. Beef Chief Jerky just needs to be stored in a cool, dry place and ensure the package is sealed, IF you don't finish it all in one sitting. Beef Chief Jerky does not need to be refrigerated. Neither does our Biltong or Droewors.

Jerky is a perfect on-the-go snack, making it ideal for hiking, road trips, or even as a quick office snack. For a more gourmet experience, consider adding jerky to a charcuterie board or incorporating it into recipes (noodles, toasted sangas, throw a bit into salads, etc).

Jerky and Your Diet

Jerky fits well into various diets, including keto, paleo, and high-protein regimens. It's good for weight loss as it's almost entirely potein and low calorie, compared to other snacks. Well, ours is. There is som not so great jerky out there if you are focused on your intake.

Jerky is a convenient source of protein that can help keep you full between meals.
Be mindful of ingredient contents if you are looking to avoid anything in particular. Jerky is known to be high in salt (as companies use lots of salt to kill bacteria). Our jerky is dried properly and doesnt need to rely on heavy salting to keep the meat safe to eat. See our guide to drying jerky for more info. Beef Chief Jerky is low sodium, except for our Loaded Gunpowder. That flavour is like a meat shotgun to the face, and we dont hold back on the salt. Pair jerky with nuts, cheese, or fresh fruit for a balanced snack.
You can hit the live chat button on our site anytime if you have more questions or concerns and want to speak directly with the owner, Rob.

Keep on Chewin',
The Beef Chief Team
For more flavor-packed tips and jerky goodness, visit Original Beef Chief.


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