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Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky

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Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky

Beef Chief's Chargrilled Chilli BBQ is laced with a fiery trifecta of hot chillies and finished off with a pinch of hot chilli powder. You’re now stepping deep into the delicious world of heat and flavour and there’s no going back!

It’s no surprise that it won 1st place at Mr Chilli Australia's annual awards and it’ll be no surprise when it’s your go-to spicy beef jerky snack!


We make our Chargrilled Chilli BBQ beef jerky with ingredients so good you'll instantly know this is a cut above the rest!

Starting with our famous Sweet and Smokey BBQ marinade, we boot it up with our secret trifecta of chilli's.

We spent months trialling various chilli's with our expert in hot far North Queensland to come up with our blend of 3 HOT ladies that when put together, leave you with a fiery burn and a mouth-watering beef jerky.

Our Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky is part of our Gluten Free Beef Jerky range, so no one has to be deprived of delicious meaty snacking!


Our Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky offers an instant heat hit from the chilli blend dusting we give each piece that’ll let you know what’s up!

The more you chew, all those sweet and rich barbecue flavours come alive and combine with the chilli's that have been hiding deep in the meat fibres. It’s in this moment you get to know why this stunning flavour has become so popular!

If sweet chilli is as hot as you go, you should stay away from this Chilli BBQ and maybe try the Beef Chief's Ragin’ Cajun. This wouldn’t satisfy the extreme hothead either (try our Creeping Reaper... if you dare) but is perfect for the more adventurous among you.


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Ingredients: Beef, water, sugar, vinegar, dehydrated fruit, salt, chilli powder, corn startch, chilli seeds, citrus fibre, dehydrated vegetables, colour(160c, 150a, 153, 120) liquid smoke, thickener(415, 412) food acide(330), spice extract, herbs, vegetable oil, potassium sorbate.

Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky

The Chief is on a mission to rid the world of heavily processed, sugar filled, cheap and mass produced "candy jerky".

You know the kind of soft and soggy jerky servo jerky we’re talking about - 2 bites and it's gone. But don’t worry, you won’t look back after ya try Beef Chief Jerky!

The Chief's jerky is made from GRASS-FED Australian cattle. His marinades are all HAND CRAFTED and unique.

Our PREMIUM topside beef sits bathing in that mouth-watering goodness until it can’t absorb any more flavour.

We slow dry our jerky until it's tough and chewy - You can feel the meat fibres as you rip it apart. Work your teeth and saliva into each piece and you'll see that the more you chew, the better it gets.

There are no shortcuts here. That's why this will be the best beef jerky you have ever tasted.


Beef Chief Jerky. Better with every chew.