Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
50g Beef Jerky - Beef Jerky
Salt and Vinegar Beef Jerky Original Beef Chief
50g Beef Jerky - Beef Jerky
50g Beef Jerky - Beef Jerky
Chilli lime beef jerky
50g Beef Jerky - Beef Jerky

Original Beef Chief


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The Chiefs Pack

Whether you're a seasoned beef jerky enthusiast, an adventurous first-timer, or looking for the perfect gift for a friend, The Chief's Pack is your best bet. It offers you a taste of everything - a delectable tour across our spectrum of flavours, from mild to wild.

The Chief's Pack assembles eight unique flavours that showcase our signature style. Each piece of jerky is marinated for two days, ensuring deep, rich flavour seeping into the meat fibres. We then slow dry our jerky until it's satisfyingly tough and chewy, delivering a beef jerky experience that amplifies with each bite.

Choose your preferred size, and we'll send you all eight flavours in that portion. For instance, if you opt for the 50g variant, you'll receive eight individual packs, each 50g, amounting to a total of 400g of tantalizing beef jerky.
Here's a sneak peek into what's included:

Smokey BBQ: A crowd favourite, it offers a depth of BBQ flavour and smokiness that's simply irresistible. 

Garlic: Garlic, the jewel of the culinary world, has been meticulously merged with the finest Australian beef to birth our Garlic Beef Jerky. This isn't just jerky; it's a love letter to every garlic enthusiast.

Salt & Vinegar: It’s got some serious TANG and will coat your mouth in that classic SAV flavouring that’ll have you demolishing bags of it on the reg. It’s finger licking good and will scratch that beefy, salty, vinegary itch you never even knew you had!

Teriyaki: Sweet and slightly sticky jerky that delivers a nice kick of saltiness to round out all those hints of sugar, garlic, soy and tamarind.

Ragin Cajun: Our most popular, award-winning flavour. A fantastic blend of cayenne chilli, capsicum and garlic that's certain to turn you into a beef jerky aficionado.

CampfireA smokey chilli flavour made with premium ingredients, it's all about getting back to the good old days of sitting around a campfire with your mates - without ever leaving home.

Chilli Lime: We’ve paired Aussie grown limes picked for maximum freshness that have a strong, tart bite with our secret blend of chillis for a TASTY kick and delish flavour. You can practically feel the lime juice running down your hands with each piece.

Chargrilled Chilli BBQ: A perfect blend of chilli heat and sweet, smokey BBQ sauce - it's the best of both worlds!

This pack offers a perfect introduction to the Beef Chief Jerky range of flavours. Once you've discovered your favourites, you can come back and stock up a kilo or more, or make your own custom bundle. That's what everyone else does!

If you would like to swap a flavour that's unsuitable, please message our Livechat, Facebook page or email and we'll take care of it for you.




The Chief's jerky comes from grass fed Australian cattle. His marinades are all hand made. That PREMIUM beef sits in that flavorful goodness until it cant absorb any more flavor. We slow dry our jerky until it's tough and chewy - so you get a jerky that tastes better with every chew.

There are no shortcuts here. That's why this will be the best jerky you have ever tasted.

  • The Chief's products may contain allergens. If you have any dietary considerations please contact us to discuss before purchasing.