Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack
GLUTEN FREE  Beef Jerky PACK - Original Beef Chief jerky
Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack
Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack
Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack
Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack
Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack

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Gluten Free Beef Jerky Pack

Sick of all the gluten free snack options tasting like nothing at all?

That's about to change.

Our lineup of 5 gluten free beef jerky flavors are exactly what you've been looking for. Instead of setting out to make a gluten free snack, we just tried to make the tastiest beef jerky we could.

It just happens to be gluten free.



We spend a full day cooking down our Aussie grown tomatoes to make our BBQ sauce from scratch, combining Aussie ingredients to simmer into a sweet and tangy sauce so rich and tasty you could happily drown your steak in it every night (And I usually do!).

We infuse this rich mixture with a deep Smokey essence derived from hickory logs right here in Australia to give it our classic Smokey taste.

Every piece of our famous Smokey BBQ is just as good as the last. You'll smash through a whole bag without realising, and wish you had of gotten more. This is on of our best sellers and you'll know why as soon as you try it.



Bourbon and barbecue go together like meat and smoke. There's a reason BBQ Bourbon is a worldwide favourite.

The Beef Chief take on this classic is just what you've come to expect from us. Full on flavour that gets stronger the more you chew.

While there's zero alcohol in this, our great bourbon taste is all Australian made and will leave you feeling like you've marinaded a T-bone overnight in bourbon and Smokey BBQ sauce. This taste so good that even if a bit gets stuck in that sore spot between your teeth, the only thing you'll care about is getting another bite.



It’s time to shake things up. Treat your taste buds to a blend of freshly cracked pepper dusted throughout a smooth and rich sauce that’ll make you want to come back for more.

When you open the bag you get that fragrant smell of freshly cracked black pepper. This quick but intense smell gives you an idea of what’s to come. As you start chewing and releasing flavours, that cracked pepper that then carries to deep and matured woody notes. There's a richness from a dash of Worcestershire, a slight smokey tang from our famously smooth BBQ sauce. There is all the taste, but none of the pepper spice on the tongue.

This jerky is really easy to eat, even a whole 250g bag can disappear quickly. All these flavors then subtly fade into the background to allow the taste of fresh premium Aussie beef to appear and really make a statement. This Black Pepper is great for anyone and everyone.

One of our best sellers.




Gunpowder Jerky is what you get when you let a soldier loose in the smokehouse. It tastes like a meat shotgun to the face.

Salty and Peppery, covered with activated charcoal that’s been COLD smoked over AUSTRALIAN REDGUM. This one goes off like a BANG.

The name doesn't seem to make sense at first. Gunpowder? What's in this thing? Why's it called Gunpowder?

Salt and pepper is an old favourite for making jerky. A simple recipe as old as the process of making beef jerky itself. But we’ve taken salt and pepper and given it a mean streak.

Black and gritty from our smoked charcoal seasoning, this one looks strange to the uninitiated.

It's salty. It's peppery. It's smokey. It's chewy. You can feel the meat fibers fall apart as you rip into it. It feels primal. Like this is the way meat was meant to be eaten. Stop sitting there salivating. Get a bag of Gunpowder and find out what it's all about NOW.



This Chilli BBQ is laced it with a fiery trifecta of hot chillies and finished off with a pinch of hot chilli powder. You’re now stepping deep into the world of heat and flavor and there’s no going back.

We make our chilli BBQ with ingredients so good you'll instantly know this is a cut above the rest. Starting with our famous Smokey BBQ marinade, we boot it up with our secret blend of chillies.

We spent months trialing various chillies with our expert in hot Far North Queensland to come up with our blend of 3 HOT ladies that when put together, leave you with a fiery burn and a tasty jerky.

There is an instant heat hit from the dusting we give each piece of our chilli blend that let you know what’s up. The more you chew, all those barbecue flavours get released and then you get to know why its so popular. As that Smokey BBQ goodness comes alive, the chilli hiding deep in the meat fibres gets released and you experience why we brought these 3 stunning secret chillies together. A great mix of flavour and spice.

If sweet chilli is as hot as you go, you should stay away from this Chilli BBQ. This wouldn’t satisfy the extreme hothead (try our Creeping Reaper if you dare) but is perfect for the more adventurous among you.




The Chief's jerky comes from grass fed Australian cattle. His marinades are all hand made. That PREMIUM beef sits in that flavorful goodness until it cant absorb any more flavor. We slow dry our jerky until it's tough and chewy - so you get a jerky that tastes better with every chew..

There are no shortcuts here. That's why this will be the best jerky you have ever tasted.

The Chief's products may contain allergens. If you have any dietary considerations please contact us to discuss before purchasing.