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Honey Soy Drizzle Beef Jerky

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Ready to get your fingers sticky?  This sweet yet savoury recipe brings out the best of the classic honey and soy combo, to create a mild, sweet and easy-to-eat snack that was made for those who enjoy high-protein jerky, but don't want any heat.


What you're getting in our Honey Soy Drizzle is the real deal when it comes to beef jerky and the classic flavours The Chief bestows upon beef!

We pride ourselves on using Australian ingredients and this is some of the best.

All of that finger lickin’ good Yellow Box honey is mixed perfectly into a savory mix of spices and soy that blend together to create a smooth, sweet and moreish beef jerky that anyone can appreciate.

Our Honey Soy Drizzle is part of our Gluten Free Beef Jerky range so no one has to be deprived of delicious meaty snacking!

This is the Beef Chiefs version of the Asian classic with an Aussie twist that people can’t say no to!


Our Honey Soy Drizzle Beef Jerky quickly becomes a staple in everyone’s secret snack draw once they give it a chew for the first time!

This versatile flavour is a hit with the kids, grandma, your friend’s cousin, ya local Postie and everyone in-between. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from our Honey Soy Drizzle customers that they’ve had to put their Beef Chief Jerky stash under lock and key to stop everyone pinching it, that’s how IRRESTIBLE this flavour is!

Chuck it in the kids lunch boxes, on your Sunday sesh platters, or in your cars centre console for when you’re hangry waiting in traffic - and it won’t disappoint!



The Chief is on a mission to rid the Jerky world of heavily processed, cheap and crappy candy jerky… you know the kind of soft and soggy jerky we’re talking about... but don’t worry, you won’t look back after ya try Beef Chief Jerky!

The Chief's jerky is made from GRASS-FED Australian cattle. His marinades are all HAND CRAFTED and unique.

Our PREMIUM beef sits bathing in that mouth-watering goodness until it can’t absorb any more flavour.

We slow dry our jerky until it's tough and chewy - so you get a jerky that tastes better with every chew.

There are no shortcuts here. That's why this will be the best beef jerky you have ever tasted.

The Chief's products may contain allergens. If you have any dietary considerations please contact us to discuss before purchasing.