The Double Upset Pack

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The Double Upset Pack

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Dive into the ultimate carnivore's delight with our 'Double Upset' pack. Isaac Butterfield’s signature 'Fuck Vegans' Beef Jerky delivers two bold flavours that are as audacious as the brand itself.

Inside, you'll find two packs each of Smokey Chilli and BBQ - four packs ready to rumble your taste buds. This ain't just a snack, it's a statement.

Our Smokey Chilli takes your senses on a rollercoaster ride with its enticing smokiness and tingling chilli heat. On the other hand, our BBQ jerky transports you straight to an Aussie summer barbecue with its tantalising savoury blend.

Created from high-quality Australian topside beef and gluten-free, low carb seasonings, this 'Fuck Vegans' pack is more than just a taste sensation, it's a lifestyle choice. A choice that celebrates the joy of meat, flavour, and a bit of rebelliousness.

Double the flavour, double the fun, and yes, potentially double the upset - but only for those on the other side of the meat debate.

Get your 'Double Upset' pack now and let your taste buds do the talking. Because remember, this isn't just about delicious jerky; it's about freedom, choice, and a bit of good old-fashioned stirring.

Are you in?