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This Is The Most Expensive Steak In NYC

The Chief loves nothing more than a nice, juicy and flavoursome steak. What's better than a good juicy steak? Sharing it with you guys! Just look at the marbling on that bad boy!  This particular steak is Wagyu beef, which for those playing at home is a specific type of beef derived from Wagyu cattle, who originate from Japan. The flavour is succulent and distinct (and this particular steak looks absolutely sensational).

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Benefits of Grass Fed Beef Jerky

You. Yes you. The Original Beef Chief wants to know why you’re still munching on ‘candy jerky?’ The processed meat that gets sold to you as a bottom of the barrel product for top shelf pricing. Have you tasted how proper, grass fed, craft beef jerky is supposed to taste? You’re in for a world of pleasure and information - as we cover both the taste and health benefits of switching to grass fed premium craft jerky.

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