This Is The Most Expensive Steak In NYC

This Is The Most Expensive Steak In NYC

The Chief loves nothing more than a nice, juicy and flavoursome steak. What's better than a good juicy steak? Sharing it with you guys! 

The marbling on this bad boy will leave your head spinning! 

This particular steak is Wagyu beef, which for those playing at home is a specific type of beef derived from Wagyu cattle, who originate from Japan. 

The flavour is succulent and distinct (and this particular steak looks absolutely sensational).

So there you have it, and 350 bucks a pop, you're getting the same amount of Wagyu beef that 4-5 people in Japan would typically share. Only in America right? 

Traditionally, wagyu is served in thin slices, but when you take wagyu to America, you can only expect it to be served in such a way as it is in this video. 

The trick is to not overdo the cooking, but to cook it enough to melt the marbling fat throughout it. 

The Chief has booked his ticket to New York to verify this bad boy. 

What's the most expensive steak you've had? 

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