SMOKO MIX - 150g

Original Beef Chief

SMOKO MIX - 150g

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Have a crack at this - we've mixed 4 different flavours together in 1 packet. There's a mix of beef jerky, biltong and droewors so you get a bit of everything. This is snacking perfection.

The mix of textures and flavours will turn your mid night snacking into an art form.

Perfect during SMOKO at work, or sharing with mates at home.

Available in 3 different mixes:

Mild: Original Beef Jerky, Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky, Traditional Fatty Biltong, Original Droewors.

Medium: Chilli Lime Beef Jerky, Campfire Beef Jerky, Chipotle Fatty Biltong, Smokey Droewors

Hot: Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky, Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky, Peri Peri Fatty Biltong, Chilli Droewors