Traditional Fatty Biltong - Original Beef Chief
Fatty Biltong Biltong Original Beef Chief
Traditional Fatty Biltong - Original Beef Chief
Traditional Fatty Biltong - Original Beef Chief
Traditional Fatty Biltong - Original Beef Chief
Traditional Fatty Biltong - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

Traditional Fatty Biltong

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Traditional Fatty Biltong

Our Traditional Fatty Biltong is made to the highest standards, from a recipe that has stood the test of time over generations. We don't over complicate it. A crack of salt and pepper are the first flavours you'll taste followed by a deep mouth-watering beefy flavour. A splash of Worcestershire sauce and a light sprinkle of nutmeg give a depth of flavour to the beef that'll have you falling in love. All tender, not one bit of gristle.

The creaminess of the fat cap spreads around your mouth and is an absolute treat. Check out the coating on each piece! This is a well-seasoned, impressive slice of Biltong.

Our Traditional recipe might just blow you away.

This is as good as the top shelf stuff you buy in South Africa. That's a big call but you'll agree once you hook into a pack!



Our Fatty Biltong is like nothing you've tried before. Completely and utterly indulgent.. like flying first class but for your taste buds!

Beef Chief's Fatty Biltong is EVEN SOFTER than our regular Biltong. With our Fatty Biltong the buttery and creamy fat is kept on the meat when prepped, marinated and dried. Delicately soft, delicious and rich. Full on flavours coat your mouth while the beef and spices come to life!

Fatty Biltong is TENDER - it chews easier than our beef jerky; our crafted drying process leaves each slice very chewable and moreish.

Fatty Biltong starts life as long thick strips of beef. The outside is generously seasoned and the meat hung and left to dry. As it dries the thickness of the beef allows the inside to remain soft and tender - the opposite to beef jerky. Beef Chief's Fatty Biltong is sliced ready-to-eat, so you can stick your hand in and smash the entire bag without any delays.

Beef Chief's Fatty Biltong is not only ridiculously tasty, its also extremely versatile. It can be eaten on its own as a snack, diced up into casseroles/stews, thrown on top of a home made pizza, stirred through some 2 minute noodles, throw a handful into a salad to BEEF it up or added to toasted sangas and charcuterie boards!

Beef Chief offer a damn good flavoursome chew to each piece. We take great care when making our Fatty Biltong - so you get to indulge into the best Biltong ever.

Ingredients: Beef, salt, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, worcestershire sauce (sugar, tamarind, onion, garlic), potassium sorbate

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