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Our customers love a tough and dry beef jerky - old school Australian style.

That's me too, a die-hard beef jerky fanatic. It wasn't until I tried a home made authentic South African biltong from a friend of mine that I fell in love with the tender chew.

After telling our customers how good this stuff is, it's quickly becoming one of Beef Chief Jerky's best selling products.


Try some and find out.

What is Biltong?

Biltong is an air dried beef snack that originates from South Africa. Biltong starts life as large slabs of topside beef.

The outside is generously seasoned and the meat hung and left to dry. As it dries the thickness of the beef allows the inside to remain soft and tender - the opposite to beef jerky. Now you know how to make biltong!

Beef Chief's Biltong is sliced ready-to-eat, so you can stick your hand in and smash the entire bag without any delays. Very chewable and moreish.

What is Fatty Biltong?

Beef Chief's Fatty Biltong is EVEN SOFTER than our regular Biltong. With our Fatty Biltong the buttery and creamy fat is kept on the meat when prepped, marinated and dried.

Delicately soft, delicious and juicy. Full on flavours coat your mouth while the beef and spices come to life!

If you like a bit of fat on your steak - this is the one you want to try.

Where does Biltong come from?

Aussies are some of the biggest beef producers and eaters in the world.

Something not everyone knows about though is biltong - an air dried beef snack that has traditionally been a staple food in South Africa.

This tender chew was first introduced to Australia during the wave of South African migration in the 70's. Closely guarded as top-secret (and for good reason, once you tell your mates they're pinching handfuls at a time!), Biltong Australia can now be found in most places beef jerky is bought.

Much like mass produced commercial beef jerky, store-bought dried biltong tends to be OVER dried and closely resembles a tough beef jerky.

Beef Chief Jerky makes a tender, tasty biltong that even the most far removed South African expats will feel like their back home chewing South African biltong.