SPICY VARIETY PACK – Original Beef Chief
SPICY VARIETY PACK - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief


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The Beef Chief spicy jerky pack!

Our line up of 4 lip ticklers starts at the mildest with the peppery burn from our unique Gunpowder.

This steps up to a nice kick in the pants with Hot Cajun. Our TASTIEST flavor (If you ask The Chief anyway).

Chilli BBQ will leave your face sweating while tasting damn good.

Then we have a substantial step up in scovilles. Creeping Reaper is not your average Carolina reaper beef jerky. But we don't go all out at the expense of taste!  The first piece taste so good that you'll let your guard down. By the time the heat creeps up on you it's too late! You're in for the ride and there's no getting out.

This is the full spectrum of heat. See how far you can work your way through them and come back to order your favorite next time.

Fantastic to share with friends and family who like a bit of jerky.

Perfect for a weekend trip away fishing or out bush.

Available Flavours:

Gunpowder, Chilli BBQ, Cajun, Creeping Reaper

Available Sizes:

  • 200g Pack - 50g x 4 Packets

  • 400g Pack - 100g x 4 Packets

  • 1kg Pack - 250g x 4 Packets



The Chief's jerky comes from grass fed Australian cattle. His marinades are all hand made. That PREMIUM beef sits in that flavourful goodness until it cant absorb any more flavour. So you get a jerky that tastes better with every chew.

  • There are no shortcuts here. That's why will be the best jerky you have ever tasted.

    The Chief's products may contain allergens. If you have any dietary considerations please contact us to discuss before purchasing. 



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