SMOKEY SNACK PACK beef jerky - Original Beef Chief
SMOKEY SNACK PACK beef jerky - Original Beef Chief
Bourbon BBQ Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
Smokey Chilli Droewors - Original Beef Chief
Stubby Cooler - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

Smokey Beef Snack Pack

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Introducing The Chiefs SMOKEY Beef Snack Pack!

This pack is designed to send our smokey fans into meaty flavoursome heaven.

The pack includes the following mouthwatering snacks:

1 x 50gm Smokey BBQ Jerky

1 x 50gm Bourbon BBQ Jerky

1 x 100gm Smokey Droewors

PLUS a FREE Stubbie cooler!

Ya want to get your hands on this pack to dig in to, buy as a gift for someone whose impossible to buy for or try for the first time a variety of The Beef Chief's smokiest snacks!

The Smokey Snack Pack is nothing short of value for money, with a whooping saving of almost $14.00! (Discount Codes will not apply to snack packs).



The Original Beef Chief infuses this rich mixture with a deep Smokey essence derived from hickory logs right here in Australia to give it our classic Smokey taste!

Every piece of our famous Smokey BBQ is just as good as the last. You'll smash through a whole bag without realizing, and wish you’d of gotten more.

This is one of our best sellers and you'll know why as soon as you try it.


There's no denying Bourbon and Barbecue go together like beef and smoke. There's a reason Bourbon BBQ is a worldwide favourite and our Beef Jerky is one of em’!

The Beef Chief take on this classic is just what you've come to expect from us. FULL ON flavour that gets stronger the more you chew.


Beef Chiefs Droewors is a really tasty beef snack derived from South Africa.

We reckon its kind of like kabana but the ingredients give it a rougher texture and its not as densely packed as a stick of kabana. We only use one type of meat used to make this delicious snack - BEEF.

Woody, deep smokey flavour. Perfect if those who prefer to stay away from spicy but don’t want to miss out on full on classic smokey flavour!