SALTY SNACK PACK beef jerky - Original Beef Chief
SALTY SNACK PACK beef jerky- Original Beef Chief
SALTY SNACK PACK beef jerky - Original Beef Chief
SALTY SNACK PACK beef jerky - Original Beef Chief
SALTY SNACK PACK - Original Beef Chief
Stubby Cooler - Original Beef Chief
Salty Beef Snack Pack - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

Salty Beef Snack Pack

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Beef Chief's Salty Beef Snack Pack

Introducing The Chiefs SALTY Beef Snack Pack!

This pack is designed to satisfy even the strongest cravings of the saltiest taste-buds.

The pack includes the following mouthwatering snacks:

1 x 50gm Salt & Vinegar Jerky

1 x 50gm Loaded Gunpowder Jerky

1 x 100gm Traditional Droewors

PLUS a FREE Stubbie cooler!

Ya want to get your hands on this pack to dig in to or try for the first time a variety of The Beef Chief's finest salty creations.

The Salty Snack Pack is nothing short of value for money, with a whooping saving of almost $14.00! (Discount Codes will not apply to snack packs)



Yep, you read that right, SALT & VINEGAR BEEF JERKY!

Drop the bag of chips immediately and grab a bag of The Beef Chiefs Legendary Salt and Vinegar Jerky. It’s got some serious TANG and will coat your mouth in that classic SAV flavouring that’ll have you demolishing bags of it on the reg!

It’s finger licking good and will scratch that beefy, salty, vinegary itch you never even knew you had!



Trust us…we’ve put hours of blood, sweat, SERIOUS one arm bicep curls downing many slabs into confirming it!

Gunpowder Beef Jerky is what you get when you let a soldier loose in the smokehouse. It tastes like a delicious meat shotgun to the face.

Salty and Peppery, covered with activated charcoal that’s been COLD smoked over AUSTRALIAN REDGUM. This beef jerky goes off like a BANG!


Beef Chief's Droewors is a really tasty beef snack derived from South Africa.

We reckon its kind of like kabana but the ingredients give it a rougher texture and its not as densely packed as a stick of kabana. We only use one type of meat used to make this delicious snack - BEEF.

Beef Chiefs ideal savoury flavour! Salty, peppery a classic in anyone’s books!  This Traditional flavour is considered our All-Rounder Droewors, everyone and anyone will love diggin’ into a bag and sinking their teeth into these tasty meaty sticks.