250g Beef Jerky
250g Honey Soy Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Chilli Lime Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Cracked Black Pepper Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Bourbon BBQ Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Ragin Cajun Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Salt and Vinegar Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief
250g Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

250g Beef Jerky

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250g Beef Jerky

Our 250g packs are resealable.

Why buy?

-We will ship your order the next day.

-Great range of flavours.

-Tastes and chews beautifully.

-Grass Fed Australian Beef.

-Highest customer rated beef jerky in Australia.

There is a description of each flavour below, and you can click on each flavour to read more and see more photos and reviews from other customers.

Bourbon BBQ Beef Jerky

Our Bourbon BBQ Beef Jerky tastes so good that even if a bit gets stuck in that sore spot between your teeth, the only thing you'll care about is getting another piece into your gob!

The BBQ marinade is tangy but when it tango’s with a splash of our Bourbon based marinade it becomes nothing short of a full bodied meaty beauty.

This mild favourite carries no heat but packs a fist full of flavour and will no doubt become a frequent visitor in between your teeth once you give it a try!

Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky

Our Chargrilled Chilli BBQ Beef Jerky offers an instant heat hit from the chilli blend dusting we give each piece that’ll let you know what’s up!

The more you chew, all those rich barbecue flavours come alive and make sweet, sweet love to the chilli's that have been hiding deep in the meat fibres. It’s in this moment you get to know why this stunning flavour has become so popular! 

If sweet chilli is as hot as you go, you should stay away from this Chilli BBQ and maybe try the Beef Chief's Ragin’ Cajun. This wouldn’t satisfy the extreme hothead either (try our Creeping Reaper... if you dare) but is perfect for the more adventurous among you.

Chilli Lime Beef Jerky

Ready to try something really good?

We’ve paired Aussie grown limes picked for maximum freshness that have a strong, tart bite with our secret blend of chillis for a TASTY kick and delish flavour. You can practically feel the lime juice running down your hands with each piece.

Go on mate, have a crack and enjoy.

Cracked Black Pepper Beef Jerky

This beef jerky is REALLY easy to eat, even a whole 250gm bag can disappear quickly.

All these flavours effortlessly compliment the fresh Premium Australian Beef and allow the jerky to really make a statement, it gives Dazza & Shazza a run for their money when it comes to matches made in heaven!

Our Cracked Black Pepper Beef Jerky is a hit with anyone and everyone.

Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky

No more bullshit from other brands that claim to have a red hot jerky and after a whole bag you barely break a sweat.

Not only does our Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky pack a furious spicy punch but it is also bloody tasty, all levels of seasoned hot heads cant help but appreciate just how beautifully flavoured this hot beef jerky really is.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bag of our Creeping Reaper Beef Jerky to see if you’re up for the challenge, or better yet, keep a pack always handy to have laying around for that cocky mate you wanna set straight and see squirm!

Honey Soy Drizzle Beef Jerky

Our Honey Soy Drizzle Beef Jerky quickly becomes a staple in everyone’s secret snack draw once they give it a chew for the first time!

This versatile flavour is a hit with the kids, grandma, your friend’s cousin, ya local Postie and everyone in-between. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from our Honey Soy Drizzle customers that they’ve had to put their Beef Chief Jerky stash under lock and key to stop everyone pinching it, that’s how IRRESTIBLE this flavour is!

Chuck it in the kids lunch boxes, on your Sunday sesh platters, or in your cars centre console for when you’re hangry waiting in traffic - and it won’t disappoint!

Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky

It's salty. It's peppery. It's smokey. It's chewy. It’s a completely unique flavour experience!

You can feel the meat fibres fall apart as you rip into it. It feels primal. Like this is the way meat was meant to be eaten. Stop sitting there salivating. Get a bag of Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky and find out what it's all about NOW!

"It's incredible... If i were to give a flavor rating, it would be off the chart. it's that good" - Johnny Scoville

Ragin' Cajun Beef Jerky

Beef Chiefs Ragin’ Cajun Jerky does anything but disappoint, in fact, everyone who tries it for the first time tells us that they don’t know how they ever lived without it in their lives! It'll become a pantry staple for you and the fam.

We struggle to keep up with demand on this flavour the most due to the shear addiction jerky heads have for it and have had offers ranging from someone first born child to their prized 4WD just to get their hands on some when we’ve run out of stock!

Ragin Cajun is a superior flavour for superior meat eaters! Don't share this one with your mates, 'cause you'll have none left in 2 seconds flat!

Salt and Vinegar Beef Jerky

The worlds very FIRST Salt and Vinegar Beef Jerky…. You’d be bonkers not to dive into a bag!

Mate, this beef jerky has a full-on flavour punch that’ll have your face puckered up while you stuff more pieces into your gob.

There's no doubt this one will have salt and vinegar fiends satisfied and we all know it’s a healthier alternative than a packet of potato chips!

Go on... grab a bag, rip it open… take a whiff of that salty, vinegary, beefy goodness and have a tissue handy because your body will be screaming at you to tuck into it and you’ll be drooling all down your chin!

Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky

Our Smokey BBQ beef jerky offers layers of tart, tang and smokiness with every chew. Beef Chief is pretty chuffed with our Smokey BBQ classic and know you’ll be too once you dig your teeth into it.

Beef Chief's Smokey BBQ is a huge crowd favourite and we honestly don’t think you can go wrong with the banger of a flavour. We always recommend keeping a few packets around the house for those days you wanna hide in the pantry for a moment to yourself away from the kids, or for when that chatty mate pops around for a drink unannounced and you need to keep his mouth busy so you can get a word in!