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Do not eat this beef jerky.

Screaming Reaper is no joke. Trinidad Morouga Scorpions, Carolina Reapers and chilli extract are POURED into our rich barbecue sauce, but you won't be able to taste that. In fact it might be a few days before you can taste anything again.

I'd go so far as to call it the hottest beef jerky in the world. That claim hasn't been proven - it's just me speculating. But you try a piece and tell me what you think.

I took some to Newcastle chilli festival about 3 years ago. During the day the event manager pulled me aside and told me there was someone laying out the front on the grass and wasn't able to move. He'd been spewing his guts up after eating a pack of Screaming Reaper. She asked if we should call an ambulance.

Another one of our customers gave an unsuspecting victim, his mum's friend (who was in his 50's), a piece of Screaming Reaper. That time an ambulance was called.

There are 2-3 decent size pieces in each Screaming Reaper pack. This isn't a jerky you'll be snacking on. This is pure fire, just for the fuck of it. Because so many people asked.

Don't blame me if you miss work the next day. You wouldn't be the first.

This is an extreme product and if you buy this, you MUST understand the risks of extreme chilli products.

Read our warning below.

Good Luck!


Each Screaming Reaper Purchase contains:

Screaming Reaper Beef Jerky approx 20g (2-3 pieces).

Screaming Reaper Product Disclaimer.

Safety Gloves.


Extremely Fu*k@n HOT! Handle with caution.

  • Do not eat if you have a respiratory or a heart condition.
  • Do not eat if you have gastric problems.
  • Do not get in your eyes, on your skin, or on your clothing.
  • Product contains capsaicin oil and is an irritant.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to use this product.
  • You must read and sign our Agreement and Waiver, below.
  • You must read and acknowledge our SCREAMING REAPER Product Disclaimer (will be emailed to you to sign and return, and included in your order)
  • You must not share this product to unsuspecting people. You MUST inform the other individual of the extreme nature of this beef jerky.
  • Will cause severe stomach cramps.
  • Will leave burning ring syndrome.
  • Will definitely upset you
  • May turn your insides, outside.
  • May cause hallucinations.
  • May cause a panic attack
  • May cause body shakes.

PLEASE NOTE: A product disclaimer and waiver will be emailed to every customer who purchases the Screaming Reaper which will be required to be signed and returned prior to their order being dispatched.

Agreement and Waiver

I, the participant, understand that I will be eating Screaming Reaper, an extreme beef jerky that has been treated to the hottest ingredients & spices in the world, that includes: Trinidad Scorpions, Carolina Reapers and Chilli Extract - pure capsacium.

In signing this waiver, I acknowledge that there could be a risk of personal injury, illness & possible loss of life, and risk of damage to or loss of personal property which may result from participating in this challenge. I confirm that I do not have a medical condition that could jeopardize my health or wellbeing during or after the challenge. I agree that I am taking on the challenge at my own risk and hereby certify that Original Beef Chief Jerky PTY LTD, its employees or affiliates will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries, damage or loss of earnings caused during or after the challenge.

I confirm that I have read the rules of purchase and hereby promise to abide by them.
I certify that the information provided is correct and my signature indicates my understanding and assumption of the risks and my voluntary participation in purchase and consumption.

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