Infographic: Where Every Cut of Beef Comes From

Infographic: Where Every Cut of Beef Comes From

A complete visual guide to every single cut of beef, and where it comes from.

You've been to plenty of restaurants, you've tried more different cuts of beef than you can count on two hands. Have you ever wondered where each cut comes from? 

We've put together a handy infographic for you to save to your phones and use as a meat-guide. 

Why do prices vary so much between different cuts of meat?

Steaks such as fillet can cost more because they make up a smaller portion of the animal, and are in higher demand due to their tenderness and flavour. But that doesn’t mean the cheaper cuts aren’t as great. Rump and oyster blade steaks, for example, are abundant, full-flavoured, lean and great value. 

What's your pick? 

How many different cuts of beef have you tried? Which one has left a memorable impression on your palate? Oh, and if you're looking to get the most out of your juicy piece of beef, here's a nifty little guide to cooking each meat to certain levels.

We'd love to know what your favourite cut of meat is, go on and drop a comment below! 


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