Chilli Drywors - Original Beef Chief
Chilli Drywors - Original Beef Chief
Chilli Drywors - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief

Chilli Drywors

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Chilli Drywors

The Beef Chiefs special Mild Chilli powder blend combined with the rich fatty beef will have your taste buds filling up an Olympic sized swimming pool with drool. Heat level 4/10, a good tongue tickler!

Ingredients: Beef, salt, pepper, corriander, nutmeg, worchestershire sauce, chilli powder, potassium sorbate.

 Per 100g: Energy - 1504 kj, Protein - 50.4g, Fat 18.6g, Carbohydrates - 3.2g, Sodium - 1870mg


Beef Chiefs Drywors is a really tasty beef snack derived from South Africa.

We reckon its kind of like kabana, but the ingredients give it a rougher texture and its not as densely packed as a stick of kabana. These chew REALLY nicely.

We only use one type of meat used to make this delicious snack - BEEF.

Drywors begins its delicious little life as a flavoured sausage and is air dried like beef jerky and biltong.

The Drywors sausage skin snaps when you bite into a piece then little soft pieces of fat melt and burst while you chew. The beef inside is roughly minced and chews GREAT. This is much softer than our beef jerky - EVERYONE will enjoy some Drywors!

These dried snags are great to chew on their own, but even better with a few cold ones. We've even put them on meat and cheese platters too!

Our Drywors consists of traditional spices and premium beef mince. Much like our jerky, we like to keep it simple and tasty.

We brought the Drywors out to snack on when a few mates were around and they'd never tried them…Three of us demolished 1.5kg in only a couple of hours.

Also known as: Beef sticks, beer sticks.

EXTREMELY moreish!



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