Biltong - Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief


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Tender and delicious slices of authentic, traditional Biltong. There's a good chew to each piece. This is not tough like jerky, our drying process leaves each slice very chewable and moreish.

This might just blow you away. Seasoned with TRADITIONAL spices, this is the real deal.

This is as good as the top shelf stuff you buy in South Africa. That's a big call but you'll agree once you hook into a pack.
The Chipotle has A LOT of flavor with just a touch of heat - maybe 2/10.
Biltong starts life as large chunks of topside beef. The outside is generously seasoned and the meat left to dry. The thickness of the beef allows the inside to remain soft and tender - the opposite to beef jerky.

No joke this stuff is UNREAL - get a chew and find out!



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