2022 Australia Day Beef Jerky and Biltong Giveaway

We LOVE Australia Day at Beef Chief Jerky

We are passionate about our country and the people in it.
We think it deserves to be celebrated.

Let's go a little crazy this Australia Day!


This year we are making it easy to get in the running to score a mountain of premium beefy goodness - with enough merch to fill out the man cave.
All you need to do is spend online to be in the draw. Good news, there is no minimum order size. $1 equals 1 point.

We are giving away:
10 x 250g Packs of Beef Jerky
5 x 250g Packs of Beef Biltong
5 x 100g Packs of Droewors
5 x Beef Chief Stubby Coolers (Our entire set)
1 x Beef Chief Hat
1 x Laser engraved Beef Chief Whiskey Glass

Thats's $750 in Beef Chief products
You'll receive confirmation of your entries at the checkout page, and a follow up email for your records.

"Thick cut, dried tough, and a flavour that gets better with every chew.

Authentically Australian style beef jerky"

- The Chief

Maximize your chances...

Here's a few tips to score more points

- Spend $200 or more to earn a BONUS 100 points! eg If you spent $200 you would receive 300 points in total.

- Refer your mates and earn 50 bonus points everytime they order. There's no cap on how many referal points you can earn!

- Split a big order with a bunch of mates to maximise points earned.

- Complete the post-checkout actions to gain more points. These include liking our FB and IG page, and subscribing on YouTube.

- Order multiple times this month. There are no limits to the amount of entries you can make.

-Keep an eye out for any upcoming bonus points that might be announced.



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