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The Beef Jerky market in Australia is growing at a steady rate so if you’re looking for a quality chew here’s our ‘how to’ guide and top tips on things to look out for before you open up ya wallet!

  1. Stay away from big supermarkets
  2. Determine your jerky preferences
  3. Different places to buy to find beef jerky
  4. Research and review beef jerky brands
  5. Confirm your price range

Stay away from the big supermarkets!

This is where you’ll find the mass manufactured style jerky. Now we know everyone has their preferences, and some people swear by these long standing cheap and “candy style” store bought jerky’s, but we’re certain its only because they haven’t explore the younger up and coming better quality Australian Beef jerky brands…ahumm….*Original Beef Chief.. 😉!

supermarket beef jerky

Determine YOUR preferences

There are a few things you need to ask yourself when you’re thinking where can I get Beef Jerky near me. These should include:

Be sure to get a good idea of your palette and if you’re not sure what you might like it’s best to grab sample packs of jerky or packs that offer multiple flavours so you can dive in and suss out your perfect chew!🤤


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Where to find Beef Jerky

Traditionally Beef Jerky is a classed as a convenience snack and will be found in convenience retail outlets, so if you’re out and about and wondering where’s some beef jerky near me you’ll want to drop into the below places:


Pubs, Bars and Breweries 🍻
There’s no doubt booze and beef jerky go hand and hand and 99% of pubs, bars and breweries will stock a range beef jerky to sell side by side with their liquor.

Similar to pubs, bars and breweries, our beloved bottleos will most definitely stock beef jerky. You’ll find their beef jerky varieties, majority of the time, at the counter beside the chips, nuts etc.

Another heavy hitter in the ‘Convenience’ retail game and the bonus is a lot of them are open 24/7. You’ll always find beef jerky in servos, whether they are an independent or one of big boys - they all know beef jerky is a winner to stock.


There is quite an impressive range of Jerky companies online these days due to the growing Australian interest in the tasty meat snack! If you google ‘Beef Jerky near me’ it’ll come up with a range of suppliers that can ship an order of beef jerky out to you, but it’s important to take note of the next topic to make sure ya don’t end up with a crappy bag of soft, sugary “candy style” jerky!

Do your research or suffer the consequences…🤢

There’s nothing more disappointing then looking forward to the arrival of an online order, waiting for the Postie to drop it off, you rip it open and chuck it in your gob and find that its rubbery, lifeless and inedible.

Here’s how to avoid absolute despair when ordering online or buying jerky from a retailer.


You want to analyze the reviews from all the different jerky companies online to give you an insight of quality, flavours, customer service etc.

The more positive reviews the better. For example, a company might have a 4.9 star rating based off of 40 reviews, versus a 4.7 star rating based off 963 reviews.. I know which company I’d be more willing to give a go!






See what makes up the ingredient list and look into the nutritional panel, if you notice 15 ingredients that are 17 letters long and you can’t pronounce then ya probably want to stay away from it as its likely its heavily processed beef jerky!

You want the nutritional panel to show a fairly high number besides the ‘Protein’ column, the jerky should be made up of predominantly beef considering its beef jerky, right?💪🏽

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with heavily processed and extruded meat products from mass manufactures. Beef is naturally high in protein so when quality beef is made into quality beef jerky the protein yield is higher. This is a great flag for measuring quality!

Jerky Price Ranges 🤑

Beef Jerky can be a fairly expensive food, especially when compared to other popular snack foods such as chips and nuts. The fact is you’ll get what you pay for when it comes to Jerky.

You’ve got to remind yourself it’s made of beef and steak can be pricey! Basically, the better quality the beef and marinade ingredients the more your jerky may cost. 🐄

We like to think buying jerky is similar to buying whisky... you know the top shelf whisky is going to be a helluva lot smoother and more enjoyable than the discount whisky. The same goes for beef jerky. 



We’ve left the hottest tip until last! If you’re looking for a mouth-watering beef jerky with out of this world flavours and texture… look no further!

We have you sorted here at THE ORIGINAL BEEF CHIEF!

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